Our Story

As told to Jeff Stackhouse, Esq. (Stackhouse Management Inc.)

Into the Zone – “It was a blustery wind that arose as three desperados entered the tavern. From the West, the irredeemable Corporal Punishment, the East, the pensive Colonel Mummy, and from the south, the ever-hostile Elhombre Sinombre. Teeth gnashed in perilous anxiety as the three approached one another – all witnesses determining to either run for the exits or duck for cover. Then the three produced their chosen instruments…That was what I imagine the scene looked like when The Highateus, still a trio, entered the Zone of Silence back in the early aughts to play a concert for no one, for no apparent reason, in the most abjectly barren place on earth. Or maybe they did know what they were doing, because they never came back. The whole band, all the equipment, everything – just vanished without a trace, along with a completed debut album ironically titled “Defeat the Purpose”…But what many thought was the end was really just the beginning.

Two came back – “There was no conflict as I understand it, and the Corporal and El have been tight-lipped about the whole episode, but whatever happened to the third member of The Highateus, known only as Colonel Mummy, remains a mystery. Perhaps the Corporal and El don’t know themselves, and feel some sense of responsibility (the duo returned as Interdimensional Tag Team champions after all)… the only thing that remains is the mystery. Perhaps he did return, after all, and chose to go his own way. But the remaining two members have made no bones about why they came back, and have made it clear (to me anyway) that they were, in a way, answering a ‘call’ of sorts.

Telephone Boof – “Louisville, Kentucky. A blustery day in November, 2019. What little bit of the world who had ever known anything about The Highateus had long sense all but forgotten about them. And little did the world of this dimensional reality know that it was balanced precariously on the precipice of permanent and lasting change, nor that it was being invaded by the darkest forces imaginable. But The Highateus did know, and they overcame insurmountable odds in order to do something about it. The best and maybe easiest way to say it is that they ‘smuggled’ themselves back into our dimension. But doing so was no pleasant feat, and involved concealment within the rectum of a demonic entity in order to be accomplished (this could also have something to do with why they don’t talk about Colonel Mummy but who knows). When I asked the Corporal why, he simply said, ‘Desperate times…’ Regardless of how it all went down- that day, in that city, the world remained blissfully unaware, along with the demon who’s ass they’d crawled into, of the return of two of the most determined and dangerous entities in any dimension: The Highateus.

INterdimensional Tag Team Champs
All challengers must wait their turn

to be continued…