New Album coming soon: FUXEDO featuring the new single ‘Always Yesterday’

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The first official single from the upcoming album “FUXEDO”… see below for the radio friendly version
“Victim of Circumstance” was “inspired,” written, recorded, and released within a week after the insidious events that occurred at the US Capitol on 1/6/2021. The first unforeseen one-off single of 2021 is intended to reflect the cognitive dissonance, entitlement, elitism, and narcissistic tendencies of those parties who attempted to overthrow American democracy (although inherently flawed), replace it with their own fascistic ideology, and the audacious assumption that when they were finished, that they would casually be able to return home to their day jobs.

We first told you about them on “Bartles & Jonestown” (Zone of Silence, 2020). Some listened, some didn’t. And here we are…

The HighAteUs condemns all forms of willful ignorance and political violence. The HighAteUs has no time for hypocrites or demagogues. We, Elhombre Sinombre and Corporal Punishment – collectively known as the HighAteUs, are without any shadow of a doubt anti-fascist. Duh. “If you want to be a lemming, fine. There’s a cliff right over there.” – Corporal Punishment, 2021 We will suffer no fools. That said, enjoy.

It seemed fitting to release our remastered album “Defeat the Purpose” on Election Day. It was all the way back in 2004 (we think) when this thing was originally recorded and sort of released. That was before we ventured into the Zone of Silence and disappeared for 15 years. So, in order to give it a proper launch, the one it deserves, here you go. Available anywhere you get your music, and guaranteed to tickle your tummy in ways you won’t always like.

What happens when you combine a pandemic, unemployment, access to a water treatment plant, a penchant for cult leadership, and a whole lot of LSD?
The first official live-action music video… “People Pleaser”… watch it here!

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“This is one of the most extraordinary listening experiences I have had recently. Albums are meant to be played in the way their creator decided but the maxim is especially true of this record.

I’m not sure whether they have failed to decide upon a style of their own or that their influences are so broad they can’t bear to leave anyone out, either way this album is full of wonderful surprises and is stupendously brilliant.

5 stars.”

Zone of Silence album artwork
16-track album “Zone of Silence” available now

Listen to “Zone of Silence” on YouTube

Telephone Boof

It was nearly 18 years ago that tres hombres ventured into the Zone of Silence region of Mexico. Legend has it that somewhere along the way the three members of the mysterious group known as The HighAteUs disappeared, along with the only known recordings. Two returned: Elhombre Sinombre and Corporal Punishment. Somewhere along the way in their interdimensional travels, the duo won the Interdimensional Tag Team Wrestling belts, and found their way back. Somehow they managed to bring their first album “Defeat the Purpose” back with them, and in 6 short months wrote and recorded their first new release in years…   

Featuring the guitar instrumental track from the new album “Zone of Silence”