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“This is one of the most extraordinary listening experiences I have had recently. Albums are meant to be played in the way their creator decided but the maxim is especially true of this record.

I’m not sure whether they have failed to decide upon a style of their own or that their influences are so broad they can’t bear to leave anyone out, either way this album is full of wonderful surprises and is stupendously brilliant.

5 stars.” – The Independent Wave (Feb. 22, 2021)

“People Pleaser”
review by Rock Fuegino

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12/07/2020 |The “People Pleaser” intro is reminiscent of Morphine but no one is going early to bed on these times. The song quickly transforms into those endless jams of the bands of the 70s, with a hint of glam rock. An insight of quarantine and isolation. The bridge incorporates a touch of hardcore adding intensity before returning to the initial groove through a psychedelic organ section. A song to listen to and dance in an alley with no neighbors in sight!

July 9, 2020

Ramblin Man’s Reviews

Words by Anselm Anderson

Extradimensional musicians The HighAteUs have returned and reformed for their second full-length effort Zone Of Silence, released on June 20, 2020. The mysterious trio plays an eclectic mixture of avant-garde rock mixed with macabre humour to transport the listener to a third dimension.

The band originally formed in 2002 in a little known town in Mexico, before disappearing into an abyss. The original duo returned with a new member and an album, “Zone Of Silence” is sixteen songs of versatility, range and complexity.

The self- titled opener is a burst of psychedelic rock, which begins with some type of ritual chanting to introduce the listener, before the music kicks in. Distorted melodies combine with fuzzy guitars to exhibit a melodious metal song.

Telephone Boof is a Frank Zappa -style ballad. The trio presents versatile range between tender vocal melodies, funky riffs and keyboard harmonies for an easy-listening track.

The alternate People Pleaser arouses dancing fever in those hips. Vocalist Elhombre Sinombre trades rhythmic vocal patterns with tight phrasing on guitar for an enjoyable track.

The album continues a cosmic journey through various ideas and sounds with  Dose This Town. The band’s brand of dark humour tells the story of the narrator threatening to burn his hometown down on Lsd. This song is a harmonica- driven country song with intricate string arrangements.

“Zone of Silence,” runs the risk of petering out before the electronic Even thicker takes things in another direction. The song is an extension of Thick of it all, a mix of soul, jazz and samples that sounds like something Captain Beefheart would be proud of.  The hard rock -fused Good Friday is a throwback to the 70’s doom rock with an eerie keyboard intro.

And finally, the piano-driven ballad Funeral Procession of One wraps things up with a worthy tribute.

The HighAteUs provide a transcendent path through the trio’s dynamic utility to entertain the listener through an album of joy, space and time

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Reignland Magazine
July 3, 2020

The HighAteUs released a brand new track called “Telephone Boof” This is a “down the memory lane” type of vibe. The guitar and the sound of a cow bell gives you that 70’s feel. I like the drums and keyboard as they add to the awesome vocals. Be sure to listen to this above and please leave your feedback below. Add this great track to your playlist today.

Hear the song… step inside

The Highateus Rides Again – “It’s true. The legendary Elhombre Sinombre and Corporal Punishment have returned from their long, discordant travels through time, space, and the ethereal realms known as the Zone of Silence.
Dare I say it, but The HighAteUs lives again!
According to a brief parlay with the abrasive Cpl. Punishment, ‘It’s more fun to watch the world burn when it’s you holding the gasoline and matches.’
What could this possibly mean? The world waits with baited breath as we can only anticipate the majesty that’s been coined the ‘Zone of Silence’ LP. Stay tuned.” –Guadalajara Times  February 20, 2020