Rejection Letters

“Not everyone can handle it.” – John Holmes

In their own words…

“Great drums and guitars! You are professional and talented we can see that obviously. However! we haven’t enjoyed the vocals, to be honest with you. Sorry for that 🙁 We really wish you the best of luck!”

 “Congrats on the single. Will do well. Nice Americana. Has a Neil Young vibe at points. But a bit more 80’s hair rock tinge to it. Sorry couldn’t pull the trigger but that’s only us. The harmonica brings it in, for sure. Enjoy the accolades. Will be many.”

 “Brooding lyrics. Nice incorporation in the song. Will do well. Awaited for the big drop. Interesting way of talking about what figuratively could happen. Well let’s see how November goes. Sorry couldn’t pull the trigger on this one. Nice thump to the song. Just didn’t quite leave the aftertaste we’d hoped. Keep on kickin'”.

 “We like this song a lot, and the intro is great – it’s more of a country style than we tend to feature, but we enjoyed listening. Great storytelling!”

“We appreciate the creativity, still, we hear the song coming through a bit moderate and conventional for the genre in terms of writing, and not all that engaging. We recognize the artistry and effort put into the track though, and good luck!”

 “Me gusta la melodía, muy Lou Reed, pero esas voces fantasmagóricas y la producción, algo comercial, no tanto.” [Translated text: “I like the melody, very Lou Reed, but those spooky voices and the production, something commercial, not so much.”]

 “The band is tight, over all it has a really good sound. However, the overly effected vocals just don’t appeal to me as a listener.”

 “L’introduction est un peu particulière, le reste est intéressant mais on n’a pas trop accroché à la mélodie.” [Translated text: “The introduction is a bit special, the rest is interesting but we didn’t get too hung up on the melody.”]

“Appealing vocal work over a classic-tinged instrumentation full of infectious guitar lines, evocative piano textures and catchy arrangements, with contagious chorus, engaging harmonies and r’n’r vibes, but don’t feel the melody enough to feature now, sorry.”

“Greetings. I totally feel that sense of homage: Chorus riff is similar to the Heaven&Hell and its hard to miss those beats which has a strong sense of NWOBHM. However, I think we’re looking for a bit more original and especially, heavier songs and therefore I think its not the best match for us.

 “Just isn’t a gripping track, it sounds nice but just not interesting.”

 “Hi! I’m afraid that your sound is a little too messy, unstructured and slightly too hard rock for my personal taste. The vocal are slightly drowned out by the soundscape and I feel I would need more vocals to be able to focus on this track more! Thank you for reaching out, appreciate it! “.

 “We appreciate the song’s grit, but we don’t hear it coming across particularly fleshed out as a production, and we don’t find the writing all that compelling. We recognize the artistic effort put into it though, and best of luck!”.